Middlesex County Real Estate and Community Information

There's so much to see and do in the valley of New England's most scenic river and along the spectacular shoreline. Sightseers get a river's eye view of Gillette Castle. The Connecticut River was first charted by Dutch explorer Adriaen Block in 1614.

From its delta at Long Island Sound, upstream through the valley, the river provides magnificent unspoiled vistas of wooded hills and picturesque villages. Beyond its banks lie historic towns, lakes and streams, high hills with rugged outcroppings, rolling farmlands, scenic country roads and cool, deep woods. Colonial history, a variety of attractions, outdoor activities, antiquing, sightseeing, lodging, restaurants and entertainment abound for visitors of all ages year-round.

Middlesex is comprised of 14 towns with 11 villages within the towns and one major city – Middletown. The hub of Middlesex County, the city is forty-two square miles of rural, suburban and urban settings with large city-owned parks and open spaces.  The town’s popular Main Street was named one of the most romantic Main Streets in the Nation by the national Trust for Historic Preservation and offers an abundant array of restaurants that offer a diverse variety of cuisines.

Middletown has something for everyone, Nature-lovers can hike to Wadsworth falls or tour Middletown Nature Gardens, Kids can have hours of entertainment at the Kidcity Children’s Museum and those looking for cultural events can check out the Russell Library. 

When considering a new location for a residence, please take a good look at Middletown and see what the city has to offer!


Hiking is Popular

There are a number of trails that will keep you fully occupied. If you love nature walks and exploration, Middlesex County is the place for you. You can enjoy the Chauncey Peak Trail, Day Pond State Park, Mile of Ledges, and Tory Den Trail, just to name a few. These are all around Middlesex County, so you’ll never have time to be bored!


Fruit Farms are Plentiful

From pumpkins to apples, you can enjoy these seasonal activities that will help you bond with nature and try something different. After you’re done, you can visit the local farmer’s markets which allow you to get fresh fruit and vegetables to make some great meals.


Live Music

The people in Middlesex know how to have a good time! There are always live music bands and festivals going on to keep the residents and visitors occupied. This is your chance to become familiar with new, up-and-coming artists, and appreciate the ones that have already made it. There’s nothing better than enjoying music after an exciting or exhausting day to relax the mind.


Ski for the Season

Whether you’re enjoying the local ice skating opportunities, or traveling to the nearby ski resort, you’ll have the best of both worlds moving in Connecticut. Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Resort is always packed with the locals and visitors alike wanting to enjoy the snow and cold weather. Lots of fond memories are made in this location, and when moving to the area, you’ll become a part of that history.

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Barbara Puorro
Barbara Puorro